Benoit Barthelet

Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.
So if you’re as clever as you can be when you write it,
how will you ever debug it?
– Brian Kernighan


SFJ Technologies LLCChief Developer − Sep 2018 ‣ Present

Help investors enhance their research by leveraging data science and quantitative modelling

Sullivan CloudGCP Lead Architect − Sep 2017 ‣ Present

Help clients optimise their IT ecosystem and processes thanks to GCP

Generali Investments EuropePortfolio Manager − Dec 2010 ‣ Sep 2017

Managed insurance pension funds

Lazard Freres GestionPortfolio Manager − Jun 2005 ‣ Dec 2010

Managed private clients money

SGAM Alternative InvestmentsFund derivatives trader − Mar 2001 ‣ Jun 2005

Managed illiquid pension funds


GitLab Certified Associate: GitLab Certified Associate
Associate Google Cloud: Associate Google Cloud

OSCP: Offensive Security

Certified Professional (OS-101-035377)


ESCP Finance

Thesis on the pricing of PCS options (Property-Claim Services)
and its impact on the reinsurance natural disasters markets

Preparatory school Ecomomics

Technical Experience

python: python expert, deep understanding of asyncio

javascript: average use of javascript, mainly through React 

C#: basic knowledge, mainly on the Excel-DNA library developing several Excel add-ins

Debian: using it daily since Potato

Docker: coding pretty much eveything in containers, some experience with Podman

Gitlab: extensive use of this particular CI

Postgresql: advanced user

Open Source

Developer of aiosqlembic, maintainer of uvicorn

Side Projects

Mostly interested in  /r/homeserver and /r/generative

Extra • +33 698 609 237 • 43 years old
13, rue d’Alexandrie - 75002 Paris, France

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